Royal Canin Dog Food Review

Royal Canin Dog Food Review

Royal Canin is one of the dog foods that is most popular. But is dog food Royal Canin really good for your dog? Based on my own experience, I think it’s quite a good choice. Here are the reasons.

Huge range of choices

Royal Canin has 27 different kinds of dry dog foods available for a variety of dog breeds. No matter the breed, size, and age, Royal Canin has foods for your beloved dog.

Royal Canin has different products for larger-sized, medium, and small dogs. For example, the food for smaller dogs are smaller in size to reduce choking hazard. Food for bigger dogs contain more calories because they need higher calorie intake than smaller dogs.

There are also foods that cater to the specific needs of popular pure breeds, such as German Shepherds, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, and many more. Not only that but the different types are available in puppy and adult options. I’ve used Royal Canin with my Golden Retriever Jack since he was a puppy until now. He thrives on it!


In terms of nutritional value, Royal Canin is average. The protein and calories that the foods contain are sufficient to cater to what your dog needs. Plus, it also has good vitamins and mineral contents.

However, some types of the food contain wheat gluten, grains, soy, and corn. So, if your dog can’t eat certain grains like mine, you might want to look into the ingredients used.

Moreover, certain products use chicken by-product instead of real meat as protein source. Chicken by-product meal is a product of slaughterhouse which may include parts like organs, beaks, and anything other than meat. But the good thing is they also have products which contain natural chicken.

If your dog has sensitive stomach like my pup, Royal Canin has a Selected Protein variety which does not contain gluten, grain, or chicken. It uses fish as protein source. Or if you’re looking for hypoallergenic dog food, it’s also a good choice.


It’s really costly to take care of dogs, which is why I use Royal Canin. It is relatively cheaper than many other brands but the quality is still rather good. I’ve used it for many years without any problems.

Final judgement

All in all, dog food Royal Canin is not perfect, but it’s affordable with decent quality. So I’d definitely recommend it as a possible option.


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