Orijen Dog Food Review

Orijen Dog Food Review

As dog owners, we want the dog foods that have high quality for our dogs. Of all the dog brands on the market, my favorite so far is Orijen dog food. Orijen is among the most popular dog food brands, and it’s clearly for good reasons. Here’s why.

Ingredients and nutritional value

I love Orijen because it uses the best ingredients. The main ingredients are fresh chicken and turkey meat. These high end items provide sufficient protein for our dogs’ needs. It also uses flounder and mackerel, two top quality raw marine fishes. These protein-rich ingredients are balanced by other nutritious materials such as raw organ meats, legumes, and whole eggs which supply fiber, minerals, and beneficial fats.

According to Orijen’s nutritional facts, their dog foods contain 43{064be10ccb084f3f1bc840565abfc7250abf311907f628da51becf4579ea965b} of protein, 28{064be10ccb084f3f1bc840565abfc7250abf311907f628da51becf4579ea965b} of carbohydrates, and 21{064be10ccb084f3f1bc840565abfc7250abf311907f628da51becf4579ea965b} of fats on average. These levels of nutrients are good for dogs’ consumption. Moreover, the ingredients are high quality dry products that provide essential nutrients. Sometimes I even wonder if my dog eats better than me!

Organic, grain-free ingredients

Orijen uses organic, locally-sourced ingredients for their dog foods. It’s perfect because I’ve also been wanting to switch to a more ethical lifestyle. They also have grain-free options available. My dog also has sensitive stomach, but after I feed him Orijen, his stomach problems have stopped! So, it’s excellent for dog with sensitive stomach or allergies.

Recall history

Another good thing about Orijen’s products is that none of the products are ever recalled. It means that Orijen has a high quality production and inspection system.


The downside with Orijen is that their products are definitely higher than many other dog foods. However, it’s reasonable because Orijen uses premium fresh products. Other dog foods that cost less do not offer the same quality of ingredients.

For me, I’d rather pay higher price for a dog food that clearly has high quality. I’ll never sacrifice my dog’s health for cheap products.

Final judgement

It is true that Orijen is not the most affordable dog food out there. But to be fair, Orijen uses the best quality ingredients. I lot more, but my dog has good and nutritious food. And because of that his health problems is cured. My medical bills have decreased significantly. At the end of the day, it is a good trade off. Overall, I very much recommend Orijen for dog owners who can afford it.


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